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Schiavone Construction, Inc, as member of Dragados Group, has an Ethical Channel whereby any employee or third party who wishes to make a query related to the Code of Conduct, the Policies or the Regulations, or has knowledge of a breach of the same, or of any unlawful act committed in the Company, whether criminal or antitrust, or of any other nature, will be able to inform the company with full guarantees and without fear of suffering any reprisal.

The Ethical Channel can be accessed digitally here or through our 24-hour telephone service, at the following telephone number:







Ethics and Compliance at Schiavone Construction
From the beginning, Schiavone has always considered its employees to be their most valuable resource. Through workforce planning and managing employee relations, Schiavone remains dedicated to providing a productive and positive working environment.
Ethics and Compliance at Schiavone Construction

Equal Opportunity Employer
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